The Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act In Response To Coronavirus

Companies with less than 500 employees may be eligible for emergency sick leave

In case you missed it, the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act was passed yesterday and takes effect on April 2, 2020 – which is just a few weeks away.

This is a policy that’s helping out individuals, families, and businesses cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Essentially, if your business has less than 500 employees, those employees are covered for up to 10 days of emergency sick leave.

There are stipulations. It seems employees are paid for their sick leave through the employer, who then must apply or submit for reimbursement through tax credits. Full-time employees and part-time employees are treated different in that they receive different amounts of time based off of their average weekly schedule.

If you’re a business owner who has been impacted by the coronavirus and you have less than 500 employees, you need to make sure to post the proper Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act notice so your employees can easily see it. This should be made available to you by March 25, 2020.

You should also know that your employees are not required to use up any remaining sick time, PTO time, or vacation time before taking advantage of the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act – nor will they be required to provide any notice of taking this sick leave within a certain time frame.

This is beneficial for business owners because it means that they may not have to necessarily take the hit for covering employee emergency sick time. There’s a greater chance business owners can keep more of their staff and not be forced to resort to massive layoffs.